About Us

St. James’ School Alumni Association, is a Society registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961. A few former students of the School got together, in the year 1998, under the leadership of Mr. Marcus Rodrick (Student of St. James’ School and Former Senior Headmaster and Vice Principal), and approached the Principal at the time – Mr. Daryl Bloud, who was from the very start very open to concept of having the former students of the School, united under one banner, and hoped that the various talents and scope that the students possessed, would be put to serving the School and Country undaunted. The Society, has been growing steadily over the years, and has now above 200 members.

The society holds the Independence Cup – football played (player with four house teams, one prefects’ team, one senior staff teams, one service staff teams two alumni teams and one parents teams) on School grounds on 15th August every year. These games have always got the former students, staff, present students to a common platform and spread the message of the School’s well being and the Societies existence.

Since the beginning, the Society also started hosting the Annual Dinner. In the first year, Mr. Daryl Bloud had all the classrooms opened, and lightened, which was a great step in creating nostalgia, for the students visiting the school, on that day.

Over the years, the Society has co-sponsored various functions, treatments, which involved the school or former students. The Society, has now finally launched website officially on the Eleventh Dinner of the Alumni, dated 12th December, 2009.

The members of the Alumni, are encouraged to be present at the Founder’s Day Service, held on the 25th day of July, every year. Students of class 12, are encouraged to join the Alumni, with the help of the School authorities, like the teachers, prefects etc.]