President’s Message

I wish to congratulate the St. James’ School Alumni Association and who have worked so hard towards the launching of our new website. During these few years there has been a tremendous development in technology which has made communication much easier and on the touch of a button you can communicate with someone thousands of miles away in your home.

With the launching of this new website we are not only keeping up with the advance of new technology but also bringing the Jacobean family much closer, thus making this bond of togetherness stronger. You can now get updates on the executive committee activities like social, games, fellowship and social service activities of the association. You can also meet or contact your batchmate, whose whereabouts you have not known for many years. You can now involve yourself with the activities although you are miles away. Your suggestions (let it be positive) will be greatly appreciated. And when you are most elated with our achievement don’t forget to shout “Go James”.

Mr. Marcus F. Rodrick